On-site Septic

Septic Enforcement Officer

Tim Wargo of Hoover Engineering  Sewage Enforcement Officer 
Chris Hoover of Hoover Engineering  Assistant Sewage Enforcement Officer 

658 Gaumer Road, Ste 100
New Cumberland, PA 17070-2823
Tel: 717-770-0100

A sewage permit is required for any on-lot sewage system and many repairs associated with a system. Contact Tim Wargo at 717-770-0100 with testing and permitting questions.    

Ordinance 1999-03 & Amendment 2002-04


Click here for fees associated with on-lot septic system maintenance and repairs.

Pumping Requirements

Monroe Township requires all on-lot septic systems be pumped a minimum of every 3 years.  A home's phasing is based on areas established by the Township, a home must remain in it's assigned phase regardless of when the last pumping was completed.  Every year the residents in the currently due phase will receive a letter reminding them that their system is due for pumping and inspection during that year.  If you have questions about what phase your home is in, or when the next pumping is required; please contact the Township office for more information.

Monroe Township does not contract with or recommend any one company to complete required pumpings, homeowners may use any company they choose.  The Township does, however, supply many of the area companies with our forms, make them aware of our policies, and ask that they submit completed forms to the Township in a timely manner.  A list of companies that receive the required forms and information can be found here.

Helpful care and maintenance information can be found at the following links:

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