• COMPLAINT - download, complete, and save the complaint form found here; then attach the completed form below and submit.  Ordinances pertaining to the most common complaints can be found by clicking on the ordinance name below:
  • ILLICIT DISCHARGE - Illicit Discharges are any direct or indirect non-stormwater discharges to the storm drain system.  There are many things that do not belong in our storm drains and streams.  If you see something that does not seem right report it to the Township for investigation.  A link to a reporting form can be found here.  Download, complete, and save the illicit discharge reporting form; then attach the completed form below and submit

  • TENANT OCCUPANCY - Properties occupied by somebody other than the legal owner should have a current, up-to-date status of occupancy report on file with the Township. Ordinance 1-78 makes it the property owner’s responsibility to submit new tenant information in a timely manner when any occupancy status changes with the rented property.   These tenant occupancy status reports also apply to any mobile homes paying lot rent within a mobile home park. In these cases, the park owner or management company is responsible for providing an up-to-date list of all tenants paying lot rent.  A blank Tenant Occupancy form can be found here, this form should be completed and returned to the Township office

  • GRINDER PUMP ALARM - If your grinder pump alarm is active, call Jeffrey Wilbur Plumbing at the 717-487-2809 for emergency service.  Visit the Municipal Authority webpage for more details.