Winter Mailbox Damage Policy

Damage to the mailbox and/or post from snow thrown from the snow plow is not the Township’s responsibility.  Property owners have the sole responsibility for the repair or replacement of the mailbox and post in the event the snow cast from the plow is the cause of the damage.

The Township will not be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of any mailbox or post unless the damage was a direct hit result of the Township’s snow removal equipment, a paint mark or truck tire tracks typically supply evidence of a mailbox strike.

Damage caused by State plow vehicles, private contractors, private vehicles or any unknown sources of damage will not be repaired or reimbursed by the Township.

If it is determined by Township personnel’s inspection that a mailbox and/or post are physically struck by the snow plow blade or truck, the Township will reimburse the property owner $50.00 for damages.

Landscaping, sprinkler systems and planting materials added to or around the mailbox will be the sole responsibility of the property owner.  The Township will not reimburse the property owner for damage to landscaping placed in the right-of-way.

The Township will not repair or replace custom mailboxes beyond the $50.00 maximum reimbursement.

Property owners must notify the Township within seven (7) days of the damage incident, damage reports not received in a timely manner will be automatically denied.

Reimbursement by the Township is limited to one time per winter season.